The $25,000.00 Deal

Companies like Groupon create unique buying deals and heavily discounted flash sales on anything from

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fencing or massages to yoga and permanent hair removal. They count on huge quantities of sales to spur buying and brand recognition. Reviews are mixed on the long-term benefits for the companies partnering with Groupon, with some small business claiming their deals ruined their business.

I noted a curious come on the other day with a fairly startling price tag– a private cooking lesson with Chef Todd English for only $25,000.00. This steal also includes signed copies of his book and a double thumbed oven mitt.

I’ll admit to being baffled. If you’re a company appealing to bargain hunting luxury lovers, then $25,000.00 seems a fairly steep price (even for a package that includes a double thumbed oven mitt). If you’re appealing to the alleged still thriving luxury market , then the panache factor seems to be lost, since bargain hunting just doesn’t seem to be their thing ($88 million dollar apartment buying offspring of oligarchs, I’m looking at you).

If however, you’re trying to light a fire under your company around holiday time by getting marketers and journalists all hot under the collar trying to figure out your motivation and then give you as much (virtual) ink as possible, well then my friends….You’ve likely launched the next $1,000.00 frittata.

Bon Appetit & Happy Holidays!

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